28 Feb 2010: Last night (actually more like 1am this morning) I got back form an awesome week-long family vacation in Cartagena and Santa Marta.  We flew into and out of Baranquilla (a big port city between Cartagena and Santa Marta), spent two days in Cartagena, staying in the fancy Colonial-era Hotel Caribe, before heading to my uncle’s beachside condo in a tiny beachside community and Santa Marta suburb.  Trip highlights for me where the day trip to Tayrona National Park with its pristine and clear beaches, the historic Old Town of Cartagena, and Chucho’s famous seafood salad consisting of nothing but seafood (things like shrimp, manta-ray, octopus, etc.), onions, and olive oil...lots of olive oil.  Most importantly, though, was the cherished time spent with my parents, brother, and uncle; and the welcome dilemma of having to decide whether to  lounge out in the condo’s patio, on the hammock, or to head down to the infinity pool or beach (each next to the other, and a short elevator trip down to the building’s lobby).  A much-needed vacation for all involved.